You love ‘em, you hate ‘em, you roast ‘em online, but you still pay to see ‘em. They’re the black sheep films we don’t want to acknowledge. From franchise killers to flops. All in fun and entertaining podcast knocking out one sequel at a time.

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Episode 100: It Only Took 4 Years!

Yo Adrian! WE DID IT!!!! It’s here episode 100! It’s been a wild ride and very fun getting to this milestone. So what did I decide to do. Did I cover a movie? Not quite. If you joined me for the live recording then you already know but for those who didn’t no worries. I…

Episode 99: You’ll Be Hooked On The Brothers!

Get your pipe wrench and 1-up mushrooms ready. I’m talking the sad attempt of a live action video game adaptation, 1993’s Super Mario Bros. Gonna cover this movie based on the most popular video game franchise, since I’ll be taking a little break around the time the new one comes out. Enjoy! For the quick…

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