Episode 61: Popcorn and Chill: Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Have you checked out the sister podcast feed to SURmP? No? WTF are you waiting for? I talk all things related to movies, TV shows, and trailers. On top of that I do a bizarro show and review my favorite film in a franchise I already did on the main feed. Its random and fun. in the mean time please check out this review of Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Alex Sanchez (@AlexSanchezArt) The man behind Dark Clown Studios.

Episode 60: From Human BBQ To Veggie Pizzas.

Starting March Podcasting Madness and Season 5 off with a special guest. I’m joined by Rocky (@Rockysu11) from Super Ugly Show to talk about 1994’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Next Generation. So sit back relax and enjoy some refreshments.

Popcorn and Chill: Peacemaker

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Popcorn and Chill: Reacher

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Poppin’ My Movie Cherry!: The Haunting.

Finally watching the Haunting from 1999. Wasn’t bad unless you count the CGI. Had some technical difficulties but I pulled trough and made the best of the audio. Enjoy!

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Popcorn and Chill: The Book of Boba Fett

The Disney+ show just concluded and it was a mix of good and bad from fans. Hear my thoughts on the series in the next installment of PnC. Only on the extra butter feed. Please

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Episode 59: Swing Batter Batter SSSWWWIIINNGGG!

Season 4 is coming to a close and what better way than to have a comedy film like 98’s Major League: Back To The Minors. I mean it’s Scott Bakula folks. Anyway I hope you got a big ass bag of cracker jacks as I get into this ball buster of a film.

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Episode 58: Who Called in The Freaking Yetis?

This time around the O’Connell’s take on a Chinese villain set years after the last film. Things are crazy with this sequel from yetis and fire breathing mummies to even an actress change. Good thing Brandon Fraser can still fire a pistol. Join me as we (I) wind down season 4 with this action flick.

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Episode 57: Worst Family Reunion Ever!


With the newest installment in the scream franchise why not get into Scream 3 from 2000. Filled with stars in a “whodunnit” style film. Enjoy!

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Popcorn Bites

These are quick 1-2 min clips of the episode with some visual aids. I finally got around to making them for the first season so every season has a bite for a quick taste of that episode.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4