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  1. Popcorn and Chill: Halloween Ends
  2. Popping My Movie Cherry: Planes Trains and Automobiles
  3. Popcorn and Chill: Beast
  4. Trailer Haters: A Chrristmas Story Christmas
  5. Popcorn and Chill: House of The Dragon
  6. Trailer Haters: Creed 3

Shows you will hear on the Extra Butter Feed

Trailer Haters:

Back in the day my episodes had a segment where i would talk about some trailers for films that came out and were crapped on. Now this is where i play a trailer that dropped and give my take on it.

Popcorn and Chill:

This is where I review movies and shows that are out in theaters and on streaming sites.

Popping my Movie Cherry:

We all know a franchise or film that others love but we never really saw or became fans of. Here i dive into discovering this fandom and give my opinion on them.

Bizarro SURmP:

As a podcast about talking about the worst sequel installment in a franchise this is where I dive into the one film I loved in same franchise.

Whats Poppin’

This is where I’m joined by fellow tv/movie enthusiast to talk about a bunch of things.


All the extra stuff from the main podcast where im joined by a guest and we veer off course.

Popcorn 10’s

Here is where I review or talk about movies that I loved watching growing up and rediscovered.